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Rent safely with TRAVANTO

Going on holiday is the most wonderful time of the year – we help you to enjoy it!

When booking a holiday apartment it is common in more than 50% of cases to pay a deposit of 5-30%.

Take note of the following points to reduce the likelihood of fraud

1. Always pay attention when renting a holiday property and look into the landlord, e.g. on Google. Enter his name and find out if previous guests have reported negative experiences. Before you go on holiday you should also contact the landlord personally; this sometimes deters fraudsters.

2. Be careful with your personal data. Do not forward your bank details or similar information to third parties.

3. Do not make any payments to the landlord by way of cash transfer companies such as Western Union, Bidpay, Squaretrade or MoneyGram. These companies are often used to hide the recipients of these payments.

4. Do not accept offers to pay by cheque. You should be cautious when sending cheques as they can be falsified. Please take special precautions when accepting cheques for more than the sum of the actual rental price. Cheques can bounce weeks after the sum has been credited to your account. A common trick by fraudsters is to claim compensation for the sum which is transferred back to the fraudster and leads to the bouncing of the cheque.

5. If a landlord appears to you to be shady or you have the feeling that you are dealing with a fraudster, please inform us at info@travanto.de. Even if you do keep these tips in mind, fraud with payments made in advance can never be totally excluded and Travanto can not accept any liability in this regard. We recommend that you take part in our free of charge Rent Safely Programme. Register your booking here.

We wish you a wonderful, relaxing holiday!

Your Travanto Team