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Self-Catering Accommodation



Landlords in Westerland

There is always something going on in Westerland, which is why private accommodation achieves a perfect balance between play and relaxation. Here you will find a directory of landlords in Westerland.

Am Grenzkrug 6
5 exclusive holiday apartments in a peaceful residential area in Old Westerland. 36 – 130 m2, some wheel chair accessible. Rent from Family Miljkovic.
Am Grenzkrug 6
25980 Tinnum
Tel: 04651-26832

“Etagen Villa” Jensen. Very exclusive 1-bedroom appartment in the heart of Sylt.
Maybachstraße 1
25980 Westerland
Tel.: 0175-4682084

Appartement 13
Appartment 13 has been built in a Frisian style and is situated in Westerland’s peaceful, low traffic Gartenstraße.
Kirchenweg 39
25980 Westerland
Tel.: 040-2200159

Boysen Holiday Apartments
2 comfortable, affordable holiday apartments up to 46m2 at the Südwäldchen Forest; these apartments can be rented from Family Boysen.
Theodor-Heuss-Strasse 35
25980 Westerland
Tel.: 04651-7767

The Sylt Holiday Apartment
A beautiful holiday apartment in an exceptionally peaceful location in Westerland with views of the dunes from the living room balcony and bedroom. This Sylt holiday apartment is well furnished.
Fischerweg 15A
25980 Westerland
Tel.: 02921-61219

Holiday Apartment Eck in Westerland
48m2 holiday apartment in a cul-de-sac in the middle of a small settlement at the northern border of Westerland.
Am Friedrichshain 5
25980 Westerland
Tel.: 04651/31400

Holiday Apartment in Westerland
Holiday apartment with 2.5 rooms in Westerland, situated centrally near Friedrichstraße and the beach.
Bötticherstrasse 4
25980 Westerland

Bechers Westerland
Welcome to our well-kept, affordable, 2-room holiday apartment close to the beach.
Fischerweg 55
25980 Westerland
Tel.: 04651-27553

House at the Sea – Views over Sylt
Small apartment in the centre of the resort.
Andreas-Dirks-Str. 14
25980 Westerland
Tel.: 040-5893580

Haus Krause
3 star holiday apartment in a peaceful location in the north of Westerland. Apartment 4 is also wheelchair accessible.
Am Ringhoog 27
25980 Westerland
Tel.: 04651-25798

Haus Rosenkamp
Centrally located holiday apartment/penthouse with balcony/roof-top terrace with wicker beach chair. Can be rented from Carla Brock.
Bismarckstraße 19
25980 Westerland
Tel.: 04651-23239

Country House Witt Hingst
Chic holiday apartment in Old Westerland
Am Weesterstich 3
25980 Westerland
Tel.: 0034-646643293

Linderhof Westerland
Frisian house with private garden area with pool and wellness studio.
Wenningstedter Weg 4

Ocean Views Westerland
2-room holiday apartment in Westerland with ocean views, located directly opposite the entrance to Brandenburg Beach.
Tel.: 04622-188505

North Sea Residence Property No. 4642
Here you can view and download the prospectus for property no. 4642 (Nordsee Residenz City App 45).
Terpstig 53
25980 Morsum
Tel.: 04651-889450

Thatched-Roof House in Sylt
Spectacular thatched-roof house in peaceful Old Westerland for max. 6 guests.
Corner of Friesische- und Bastianstraße
25980 Westerland
Tel.: 04651-9988

Sander’s Guest House
Spend a pleasant holiday in Sylt in a cultivated atmosphere at one of Sylt’s best addresses at affordable prices.
Waldstraße 2
25980 Westerland
Tel.: 04651-22380

Stadumstraße 60
Comfortable semi-detached Frisian-style holiday home with large garden in a peaceful, privileged area in Old Westerland, surrounded by ancient trees and beautiful old Frisian houses.
Stadumstraße 60
25980 Westerland
Tel.: 04651-32590

Westerland Sylt Holiday Apartment
Overdue for a holiday in Sylt? Holiday apartments / apartments, some with sea / ocean views in Westerland.
Andreas-Dirks-Strasse 8-14
25980 Westerland/Sylt
Tel: 0160-90756583

Holiday apartment Sylter Kliff
3-star apartment, flooded with light, in a Sylt Frisian house with south-facing balcony.
Westerlandstrasse 25
25996 Wenningstedt
Tel.: 04651-944130

De Lille Villa in Sylt
Art-deco villa with 5 holiday apartments in the heart of Westerland.
Heidi Carstensen
Tel.:: 04663-1880236
Fax: 04663-1880239
Mobil: 0170-8992379



Landlords in Wenningstedt

Only accommodation in Wenningstedt can offer such a unique location high above on the Red Cliff. This area is particularly suited to families. Wenningsted’s landlords look forward to your visit.

Alexander-Apartments in Wenningstedt
Exclusive holiday apartment in a location near the beach with modern, tasteful furnishings for a rejuvenating holiday.
Westerlandstraße 27B
25996 Wenningstedt-Braderup
Tel.: 06401-2290301

Alexandra Holiday Apartments
Comfortable holiday apartments, only 100 metres from the beach.
Berthin-Bleeg-Straße 24
25996 Wenningstedt
Tel.: 04651-2996024

Anna Apartments in Sylt
Holiday accommodation with style: holiday apartment in a very good location near the beach, with modern, tasteful furnishings.
Norderwung 6
25996 Wenningstedt
Tel.: 06441-946629

G. Korsch: Holiday Apartments Sylt-Wenningstedt
2 comfortable apartments with modern furnishings for 2 to max. 6 guests.
Osterweg 31D
25996 Wenningstedt-Braderup
Tel.: 04651-22029

Haus Ameland
Spectacular family homes with thatched roofs in Wenningstedt.
Trenstiin 3e
25996 Wenningstedt
Tel.: 0173-2732598

Haus Westermüür
House Westermüür is located at a conservation area with unimpeded views of the surrounding landscapes.
Tel.: 0561-949580

Roffmann Apartments
We offer our holiday apartment in Wenningstedt, which has been awarded five stars, to discerning guests who cannot go without luxury during their holiday.
Im Grund 28a
25996 Wenningstedt
Tel.: 05172-7978

Apartment Agency Theo Tröster
Here you will find a selection of beautiful holiday apartments in Wenningstedt.
Friesenweg 3
25996 Wenningstedt
Tel.: 04651-45304


Landlords in Tinnum

Tinnum is located in the heart of Sylt. From here, all destinations can be reached quickly. A holiday apartment here is definitely worth it, even for smart spenders, as it harbours many particularly affordable holiday apartments and holiday homes.

Dat Strandhuus Sylt
The perfect place to let your worries drift away and to relax in spectacular, peaceful surroundings without any thoroughfares, far away from train tracks and runways!
Südertresker 11c
25980 Tinnum
Tel.: 04321-929827

Holiday with the Gerolds in Sylt
A holiday apartment for two guests, great for relaxing in the centre of Tinnum, right at the gates of Westerland, situated in a peaceful side street near the tourist information centre.
Dirksstraße 3
25980 Tinnum
Tel.: 04651-31562

Apartment Rental Petersen
Tastefully furnished 1 and 2-room holiday apartments in Tinnum.
Vogteiweg 1
25980 Tinnum
Tel.: 04651-3683

Holidays in List© Michael Haak / Wikimedia Commons [gemeinfrei]


Landlords in List

In Germany’s most northern municipality, you can enjoy your holiday to the fullest. Remote List and its friendly residents ensure relaxation and peace and quiet, perfect for rounding off an exciting stay in Sylt.

Experience an unforgettable beach holiday in our upmarket holiday home with modern furnishings, paired with elegant, country-house decorating.
Am Buttgraben 30
25992 List
Tel.: 040-73367110

Haus Scheunemann in List in Sylt
This house is nestled idyllically into a well-kept garden, directly in front of List’s dunes.
Mövenbergstraße 38
25992 List
Tel.: 04651-870398

Stylishly Furnished Apartment with Thatched Roof
Holiday apartment with high-quality furnishings, right outside List.
Mellhörn 48/5
25992 List

Das Reede Hüs
Very peacefully situated house, typical of the island, with an idyllic garden.
Lister Reede 6
25992 List
Tel.: 04651-95090


Landlords in Kampen

Holiday accommodation in Kampen does not just guarantee spectacular natural surroundings but also makes a great base for excursions to the beach, shops and other sightseeing attractions.

Appartment with Thatched Roof
This apartment was renovated in 2008 and is located on the western side of the ground floor of the thatched-roof Haus KAMPBARG with a south/west-facing terrace, nestled into a dune and heather landscape.
Kurhausstrasse 21
25999 Kampen
Tel.: 04651 936616

Käptn Hüs and Minne Hüs
Both holiday homes are testament to a piece of Kampen history. Enjoy this cosy atmosphere under a thatched roof with a blooming garden.
Osterheideweg 4
25999 Kampen
Tel.: 04651-2999497

Haus Brönshooger Weg
Extremely modern but still very homely, in a peaceful location just a few minutes on foot from the beach and the town centre of Kampen.
Brönshooger Weg 2
25999 Kampen
Tel.: 040-27884855

The Wiesenhaus in Kampen
A peaceful holiday in an exquisite atmosphere in a detached holiday home for five guests with garden and sauna.
Wuldeweg 5
25999 Kampen

Exclusive Holiday Homes in Kampen
You and your family can sit back and enjoy life in this exclusive thatched-roof house on the tideland side of Kampen.
Tel.: 04651-8363636  


Landlords in Hörnum

Enjoy kilometres of beach and wild sand dunes in Hörnum. With a holiday apartment in Hörnum you can relax after a hike to the Hörnum Odde or during a long night in “Tante Jens”.

Haus Südende
Beautiful thatched-roof dream home in a peaceful location directly at the ocean.
Kersig-Siedlung in Hörnum
Tel.: 0202-9790920

Hörnumer Holiday Apartments, Right at the Harbour
From here you can enjoy fantastic views of Hörnum Harbour, Oststrand Beach, the North Sea and – of course – Hörnum’s most famous landmark, the Hörnum Light House.
Oberer Dünenweg 2
25997 Hörnum
Tel.: 04651-886252

Holidays in Hörnum
You can easily reach all important attractions on foot from this comfortable, 3-room holiday apartment with Frisian furnishings.
Rantumer Straße 13c
25997 Hörnum
Tel.: 040-573635

Apartment Rental
Cosy, non-smoking apartments for 1-4 guests in Hörnum.
Oberer Dünenweg 19
25997 Hörnum
Tel.: 04651-881081

Holiday Apartments with Panorama Ocean Views
Tastefully and comfortably furnished private holiday apartment with fantastic see views.
Informationen zur Lage auf der Website

A Warm Welcome to Family Rehder’s!
Rent a cosy, modern 2-guest apartment in Hörnum, in the sunny south of the island.
25997 Hörnum
Tel.: 04651-881340


Landlords in Morsum

Scale Morsum Cliff and enjoy the surf. In Morsum you can let your worries drift away in luxurious holiday apartments and enjoy these pristine surroundings.

Catharinenhof Sylt
Holidays at Catharinenhof-Sylt in Morsum.
Muasem Dikwai 4
25980 Morsum
Tel.: 04651-890755

Mörschelhof Sylt
Mörschelhof comprises of a 5-star captain’s residence and 2 wings in a thatched-roof house. On the website you can also take a 360° tour through the buildings.
In the centre of Morsum
Tel.: 040-6046278

Appartement Kayser
Comfortable, bright 3-star apartment in the heart of Morsum with two balconies and a private garden area.
Terpstich 49
25980 Morsum
Tel.: 04651-978008


Landlords in Rantum

Change coasts and come to Rantum, located directly between the tidelands and the North Sea. At this 600m wide point there is enough room for dream holiday accommodation just for you.

Appartment Silbermöwe Rantum
Tastefully, comfortably furnished 2-room apartment in maisonette style with extensive views of the tidelands. Situated on the upper storey of the thatched-roof Raantem Hüs in a peaceful location in the direct vicinity of the tidelands.
Raan Wai 30
25980 Rantum
Tel.: 040-6481760

Esprit Holiday Apartment
A new, modern holiday apartment in Rantum, just 100 metres away from the beach.
Stiindeelke 1
25980 Rantum
Tel.: 04651-28291

Holiday Apartments for Discerning Tastes
Rantum – exclusive holiday apartments for 2 – 6 guests with top furnishings in direct proximity to the beach. Completed in April 2010.
Dünengrund 7
25980 Rantum
Tel.: 04651-28291

Holiday Apartment in Rantum
House wing with direct views of the tidelands in Rantum.
Alte Dorfstraße 21
25980 Rantum

Holiday Apartments Family Dahm
2 holiday homoes in Rantum, each with four holiday apartments with modern, comfortable furnishings.
Dikwai 5
25980 Rantum
Tel.: 04651-6554

Holidays in Keitum© Jens Boysen / Wikimedia Commons [gemeinfrei]


Landlords in Keitum

Keitum was once the capital of Sylt and enchants visitors with its old town centre, which is ringed by typical Frisian houses. Enjoy your thatched-roof accommodation and forget everyday stress with a stroll through Keitum.

Holiday Apartment with Thatched Roof in Keitum
Comfortable two-room apartment at the historic Stutenhof in the centre of Keitum, a great base for your explorations of and walks through this dream island of Sylt.
Gurtstig 25
25980 Keitum
Tel.: 0432132883

Haus Anchor
Keitum, known as the “green heart” of the island, is the location of our holiday apartments.
Pröstwai 14
25980 Keitum
Tel.: 04651-32147



Landlords in Munkmarsch

If you decide to spend your holidays in Munkmarsch you will be able to enjoy holiday accommodation right at the Wadden Sea. You will receive a warm welcome to this picturesque harbour town and be spoiled with delicious dishes.

Wattperle Holiday Apartments
Relaxing holidays in a luxurious yet cosy atmosphere.
Munkhoog 9a
25980 Munkmarsch
Tel.: 04651-8356999

Holiday Home Wadden Sea View
These very comfortable holiday apartments all have views of Munkmarsch Harbour and the Wadden Sea.
Lochterbarig 24
25980 Munkmarsch
Tel.: 04651-3877

Holidays in Sylt© NASA, Ollio / Wikimedia Commons [gemeinfrei]


Landlords in Sylt

Are you having difficulties deciding which town in Sylt is the most perfect for your holiday? Many landlords feel the same way and have a range of holiday apartments on offer all over the island.

Apartment Rentals Angela Predian
Holidays in Sylt in exclusive holiday apartments. Last Minute specials and attractive all-inclusive offers.
25996 Wenningstedt
Tel.: 05221-939733

Apartment Rentals SAS GmbH
Over 300 first-class holiday homes
Berthin-Bleeg-Straße 4
25996 Wenningstedt
Tel.: 04651-41062

Holiday apartments in Keitum and Tinnum, for rent from Family Barczik.
Munkmarscher Chaussee 2
25980 Keitum
Tel.: 04651-3816

Holiday Homes in Dream Locations
Schöne Landhäuser in Hörnum und Rantum in Sylt
Wilhelmsburger Str. 94
20539 Hamburg
Tel.: 040-53694006

Holiday Accommodation from Lämmle
Holiday apartments in Sylt from List to Rantum
Dirksstraße 1
25980 Tinnum
Tel.: 04651-32290

Holiday apartments and holiday homes in Sylt
E-Mail: kontakt@xy-zimmer.de

Island Sylt Holidays
Affordable host portal for holiday apartments and holiday homes on the island of Sylt
Kleine Straße 7
25997 Hörnum
Tel.: 04651-886167

Apartment Rental Enkelmann
Individual consultations for your apartment in Sylt since 1996
Munkhoog 43
25980 Munkmarsch
Tel.: 04651-935047