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Food and Drink in Sylt


Bistros in Sylt



Bistros in Westerland

Sylt’s largest town has a number of bistros that will satiate any hunger. Here you will find anything you want, no matter your appetite. From the German specialty of currywurst to hearty burgers or tapas, the range of choices here is vast.

American Bistro Sylt
Steaks, burgers and other meals from different countries in this hip island restaurant
Paulstr. 3
25980 Westerland
Tel.: 04651-927050

Clum Fish Specialties
A fish shop with bistros that sell freshly caught fish and other dishes
Neue Straße 4
25980 Westerland
Tel.: 04651-22033

Café extrablatt
Delicious burgers, currywurst and schnitzel
Friedrichstraße 44
25980 Westerland
Tel.: 04651-4496297

The most attractive train station bistro in north Germany
In the train station
25980 Westerland
Tel.: 04651-929314

Bistro Leysieffer
First class seduction!
Friedrichstraße 38
25980 Westerland
Tel.: 04651-823820

Fisch-Bistro Ann Gosch
Das gemütliche Bistro direkt im Zentrum von Westerland.
Friedrichstraße 26
25980 Westerland
Tel.: 04651-23745

The tapas bar in the heart of town
Paulstrasse 10
25980 Westerland
Tel.: 04651-299712

Pizza from a wood-burning oven, antipasti and pasta – Viva la Riva!
Paulstrasse 10
25980 Westerland
Tel.: 04651-299713

A mixture of café, tapas bar, restaurant and beach kiosk
Lornsenweg 13, beach access path 38, behind the Nordseeklinik
25980 Westerland
Tel.: 04651-2998874

Burger, currywurst and more
Corner of Neue Straße and Ecke Paulstrasse
25980 Westerland
Tel.: 04651-4497736

Zauberbude Dikjen-Deel
Kiosk and bistro right at the beach
Carkpark Dikjen-Deel
25980 Westerland
Tel.: 0173-3691221



Bistros in Kampen

These cosy restaurants are great for a casual dining experience, but “see and be seen” is the motto of the day. Have a snack in Kampen at one of its lovely beach bistros and enjoy your food whilst taking in the beautiful North Sea views.

Bistro, bar and restaurant under one roof
Braderuper Weg 2
25999 Kampen
Tel.: 04651 - 446160

La Grand Plage
Beach bistro that has both small snacks and evening meals on offer
Riperstig / Weststrand
25999 Kampen
Tel.: 04651-886078

A pleasant atmosphere with light meals
Strönwai 10
25999 Kampen
Tel.: 04651-45455

Strandbistro Buhne 16
A very special beach bistro with a relaxed, laid back atmosphere
25999 Kampem
Tel.: 04651-446827



Bistros in Hörnum

In Hörnum there a number of bistros for you to still your hunger in quickly and easily. These relaxed bistros are reliable and will not disappoint. The fascinating views of the Sylt’s unique dune landscapes are the cherry on top.

A relaxed atmosphere with unique views of the North Sea
Rantumer Strasse 23A
25997 Hörnum
Tel.: 04651-4608410

Uncomplicated bistro cuisine with fascinating surroundings
Fernsicht 1
25997 Hörnum
Tel.: 04651-4492727

A classic bistro and café right at the beach
Strandstraße 1
25997 Hörnum
Tel.: 04651-96370



Bistros in List

If you want to try a classic German “Fischbrötchen” – fish in a bread roll – in List you’ve come to the right spot. Here you will find a wide range of fish bistros. Uncomplicated and without compromise, here fish lovers will be able to find their hearts’ desire and much more. Simply try one of the many snacks on offer.

GOSCH at List Harbour
Germany’s most northerly fish stand
At the harbour
25992 List
Tel.: 04651-870401

Lister Fischhaus
A wide range of shell fish, fried fish, stewed fish, lobster and oyster dishes
Hafenstraße 16
25992 List
Tel.: 04651-871321

List’s oyster tasting rooms.
Hafenstraße 10-12
25992 List
Tel.: 04651-870860


Bistros in Rantum© Rebecca1990 / Wikimedia Commons [CC BY-SA 3.0]


Bistros in Rantum

In Rantum you will also find a wide array of friendly bistros and kiosks. Heavenly smoked fish and a fish cake to go – no problem in Rantum. Hearty, crisp salads are also a great option, and nothing beats the amazing views of the breakers and the beach from the dunes.

Bistro Bamboo
A family friendly bistro with sun terrace and 6 trampolines
Hafenstr. 4
25980 Rantum
Tel.: 04651-363163

Hafen Räucherei Rantum
Fresh smoked specialties, straight from the smoke house
25980 Rantum
Tel.: 04651-835896

Strandmuschel Rantum
The bistro in the dunes
Strandstraße 30
25980 Rantum
Tel.: 04651-27175



Bistros in Keitum

Fiete's Bistro and Café
A coveted Keitum address with music and sun terrace
Weidemannsweg 3
25980 Keitum
Tel.: 04651-32150

Hearty and savoury snacks
Gurtstich 41
25980 Keitum
Tel.: 04651-98390