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Health and Fitness

Health and Fitness Providers in Sylt

It’s not just spas that make Sylt the perfect destination for a healthy holiday. Kilometres of cycling and hiking trails in a stimulating climate will get your body breathing again. There are also a number of services that will help you recover. Sylt is the perfect place to go on a fasting cure or to strengthen your body with callisthenics.

Salzgrotte auf Sylt
Deep relaxation and well-being for body, mind and soul in Sylt’s salt grotto
Ingewai 3
25980 Tinnum
Tel.: 04651-31651

Sylt Physiotherapie
Holiday, health and relaxation with massage, physiotherapy and much more at two Sylt locations
Deckerstr. 4
25980 Westerland
Alte Dorfstr. 22
25980 Kampen

Fitnessinsel Westerland
A sunny, spacious gym with spa area
Tinnumer Straße 9
25980 Westerland
Tel.: 04651-834950

Fastenhaus Werner Sylt
Combine holiday, health and nature! Go on a fasting cure and you will be supported by a professional team with fasting seminars, yoga, spa facilities and much more.
Kolberger Str. 3
25980 Westerland
Tel.: 04651-886477


Doctors and Healthcare Providers in Sylt

Even on holiday there is a chance that you can get sick, which is why there are numerousdoctors practising in Sylt, who will take care of your well-being – ensuring that you can get straight back to enjoying your holiday.

Ärztehaus Sylter Eck General Practitioners
Kjeirstraße 23
25980 Westerland
Tel.: 04651-9954471

Nordseeklinik Healthcare
Norderstraße 81
25980 Westerland
Tel.: 04651-84-0

Sonnen Apotheke Pharmacy
Hauptstr. 9
25996 Wenningstedt
Tel.: 04651-4703