Outdoor Sports

Running© Liber4l / Wikimedia Commons [gemeinfrei]


Those who like to remain flexible in their exercise regime often tend towards running. Simply pack a pair of running shoes and off you go, through streets, meadows or sand dunes. A particularly challenging way to train is to do so at the beach – leave your shoes at home and train in bare feet. This will train the sinews and ligaments of the foot. The training effect is also increased due to the soft sand. If this is too strenuous for you, you can also run across the tidelands at low tide.

If you like to compete, you should take part in the annual Syltlauf, which takes place every March. The route leads from Hörnum in the south to List in the north, with over 30 kilometres to overcome.

Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking has become very popular in the last few years and is practised by many demographics. Neither age nor fitness play a very big role; this type of exercise protects your joints and can be carried out in varying intensities. It used to only be practised by cross-country skiers, who would train in summer with two poles in order to imitate cross-country movements. But since then, Nordic Walking has become a widely spread, fashionable way to exercise. Nordic Walking is also very popular in Sylt. A Nordic Walking Park provides visitors with numerous routes that can practised at different levels of difficulty.   


A great way to get to know Sylt is by bike on a sporty tour of discovery. Numerous bike trails are also suitable for children. Simply bring your bike with you or use one of Sylt’s bike hire station. Tip: the bike trails are also great for rollerblading. 

Beach Sports

Sylt’s largest sporting grounds ist he beach. Of course, it is not just possible to cast yourself into the tides and do a bit of swimming, but you can also take part in team sports, which are practised here daily in the summer months. Particularly popular is beach volleyball, but beach football and boccia also have their followers here. The central meeting point is Brandenburg Beach, where sports grounds are marked out in the sand. If you don’t have a ball, any boccia balls or a beach ball bat, it’s not a problem – simply hire out your sporting equipment.

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