Advertising a holiday property

How can I advertise a property on

To advertise a property as a new customer:

1. At the top of the homepage on click „Advertise your Property“.

2. Please choose a booking system now: the Enquiry Booking or Online Booking system. Information about these two options can be found on the same page. By clicking on the button "Choose…", you can login with your personal e-mail address, password and telephone number and you are taken to the next step.

3. When all entries have been made correctly, you are taken to your personal Landlord Login area. Under the "Add New Property" tab, you can create a listing for your holiday property step by step. This includes descriptions of the accommodation and the local area, the number of people and important data such as prices and seasons. Also, images must be included in a complete presentation. The regular maintenance of season and price calendars is also essential. Please do not forget to save your entries at the end of each step.

4. After completion of your property listing, you will be asked for your contact details and your preferred payment method with which you would like to pay the annual fee. If you have finished your entries, please click on “Authorise activation”. You will receive an email with a confirmation link which you have to click to bindingly activate your property listing and make your payment. Once your payment has been successful and our customer service has checked your property listing we will activate your listing. Your advert will appear on %% allg_site.

5. In your Landlord Login area which you can access at any time, you can enter new listings and make any changes you may wish to.

Existing customers can advertise their accommodations as follows:

1. At the top of the home page on click „ Login“.

2. Log in with your e-mail and password.

3. Once you have accessed your personal Landlord Login area, click "List a new holiday property".

What type of accommodation I can offer?

Our focus is on the provision of private accommodation. We provide a range of properties that covers the following accommodation types:

- Apartment
- House
- Rooms
- Villa
- Pension
- Furnished Apartment

What does Reichweite+ mean?

Our program Reichweite+ offers you the possibility to make your accommodations easily accessible and bookable on more than 25 different booking portals without additional effort and costs!

Through the significant increase in range, you will reach a large number more potential tenants.
This increases the occupancy of your accommodations even in the off-season.

More information about Reichweite+

How long does it take for the listing of my property to be activated and visible to tenants?

Usually, the activation takes place on the day on which we received your payment of the annual amount. In the following cases, there may be exceptions:

1. We received your payment late in the evening. In this case, we will activate your listing the next day.

2. If important data is missing or not correctly specified. In this case, we will contact you to complete the listing and request the necessary data. We will activate the listing immediately after this.

Your accommodation will be visible in the search as soon as our system has updated all of the data. This may take up to 1 day.

How long do my texts in the advertisement have to be?

We recommend that you describe the location and room descriptions in detail (at least 75 words). Explain local sights, gastronomy or leisure opportunities in your description of the location.

In the room description, you should describe each room as detailed as possible. Important information for guests is e.g. the bed dimensions and where to find different beds in the accommodation. If you have special features such as a pool or sauna, please mention them in the "Special features" text box.

Do I need to create the object presentation myself or can I pay for the service?

If you do not want to create your own object presentation, we are happy to do it for you. For this service we charge 25, - Euro. This allows us to create a high quality presentation of your property. We will require comprehensive information and pictures that you can send us by e-mail. If you have a website, we use the information and data presented there, with your permission.

If you want to make changes or update the presentation later, you can do this at any time in your Owner Login area.

How can I change the object name?

Only Travanto employees can change the object name. Please send us a message with the object number as well as the new object name so that we can make the change for you.

How can I change the address?

The address of your accommodation can be changed only by an employee of Travanto. Therefore, please send us a message with the object number as well as the new address. We will then check the new address.

What should I consider when I create a last minute deal?

Last minute deals are a great way to negotiate a short-term rental, close any empty gaps in the calendar or to attract guests, during otherwise weak bookings months, with great deals. Last minute deals can only be set four weeks before the offered travel period. This ensures that it really is a last minute property rental offer. Another requirement is a discount of at least 10%.

Setting up a last-minute offer is a four step process that you can do in your Owner Login area:

1. If you have more than one property, you can select the individual properties in the first step. You will be asked to provide details of the duration of the offer including dates, and then the number of persons permitted. Caution: When you see "time period", this is the period during which the tenant should be able to rent your holiday accommodation. Do not confuse these dates with the display period, ie- the period in which your offer will appear on the page on our site.

2. In the second step, you specify the rental price for your last minute deal. The discount cannot be less than 10%. Furthermore, you can decide whether you want to rent your property for the entire display period for last minute price or whether to allow also several smaller bookings during the period.

3. In the third step, you decide upon the period in which your offer appears on our site. Your offer will then appear on the home page as well as the images and weather page.

4. In the last step, you should check your information again, before submitting your Last Minute Deal offer. The exact cost will be displayed in front of the binding booking listing.

Which booking options are there?

You can choose between the Direct Enquiry, Enquiry Booking and the Online Booking systems.

With the booking request option, the prospective tenant will make a direct booking request to you via phone or email, via your property listing. After receiving the request, you can decide whether you want to rent your property to the interested parties. you communicate and negotiate the terms of payment directly with the prospective guest.

With the Direct Enquiry booking system, you will receive an E-Mail or text message if a potential tenant is interested in renting out your property. If you confirm the enquiry within 24 hours, the booking is made contractually-binding for both parties and confirmation will be received by E-Mail. The booking process is then facilitates for you. If you are busy, and fail to reply to the booking within the 24-hour timeframe, you will have another 24 hours to confirm the booking. In this second period, the booking is only created if the potential tenant confirms that they still want to reside in the holiday property. If you fail to respond or wish to decline the booking, there is no cost charged. We do, however, request a brief rationale so that we can mark on your online availability calendar that the period is unavailable and you will not receive any further requests for that period of time.

With the online booking option, your accommodation can be booked directly online though your property listing. Guests are free to study your availability calendar, and can book your property immediately without having to send a request toyou. Bookings made in this way are binding. When a guest has booked the property successfully, you will receive an email with all the important dates and details. The booking is binding for tenants and landlords.

How much does a listing cost?

We must distinguish between the Enquiry Booking and Online Booking.

With Enquiry Booking, we charge an annual fee for every property listing which you have to pay in advance. For exact prices, please refer to our pricing table.

With our Online Booking option, there are no monthly fixed costs. Instead, we take a small rate of commission, only when the property is booked: For each online booking, we will charge 12% on the online booking revenue (including additional costs plus the applicable VAT). You will only pay when you generate revenue yourself.

What advantages are there with online booking?

Online booking enables your property to be booked online on without the prospective tenant having to send a request before. When your property is booked online it is binding for both the tenant and the landlord, and you will shortly after receive a confirmation email with all the important travel information.

Online booking has the following advantages:

- Online booking is built on a commission model. This means that you have no monthly payments but instead you only pay when you receive a booking.

- The bookings are binding.

- Due to direct and binding bookings, you will not spend time answering request.

- You will have no risk of losing tenants to competitors during the request-answer-process.

- Travanto takes over the entire booking process.

To avoid double bookings and keep your availability updated at all times, you can use our free calendar software interface. In this way bookings will automatically be entered in all calendars connected to the central software system. If you have any questions or are interested in using the software please contact us by telephone (+44 (0)33 333 61 029) or by email (

What advantages are there with enquiry booking?

Enquiry Booking enables the prospective tenant to make an enquiry by either telephone or by using the contact form. Both contact options can be found in your listing under “Contact landlord”. All further communication will be exclusively between you and the tenant.

Enquiry Booking has the following advantages:

- Unlike the Online Booking, which is built on a commission model, you will pay a fixed annual fee. Therefore, the costs are always the same and can be easily planned.

- The more holiday properties you advertise the cheaper it will get per listing.

- You decide yourself to whom you let your property.

Which Internet browsers does Travanto support?

At Travanto, we are always concerned about the well-being of our customers. That is why we care about providing you with a safe and advanced browsing experience on the Internet.

The following browsers are supported by us and guarantee you a user-friendly application.

Desktop devices:

- Chrome
- Firefox
- Internet Explorer as of version 9
- Safari as of version 6

Mobile devices:

- Android Chrome
- Android Firefox
- iOS Safari

We are working to support all major browsers, but given the number of them, it is not possible to ensure optimal user experience for all browsers. For this reason, you may not be able to use our portal to its fullest extent with an outdated browser.

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