Invoice and payment

Do I have to enter my VAT Registration Number?

The VAT registration number is used by companies in the European Union for sales tax purposes and simplifies the cooperation within EU. If you have a VAT number you can specify this in order to save the VAT in Germany. It is only possible to save the VAT if your business is not in Germany.

I have begun to make a property listing. Will I have to pay right away?

You are not obliged to pay upfront when creating an account and a property listing. Once you authorise the activation of your listing bindingly the payment of the annual fee will be due. In this way, you are able to create your listing, write texts, upload photos and enter prices in your own pace.

Will Travanto charge a commission for my bookings?

Whether Travanto charges a commission depends on the type of booking enabled for your property.

If you decide on Enquiry Booking, we do not charge a commission. Instead you pay an annual fee for advertising your property.

If you decide on Online Booking, we charge a commission of 12% of the gross rental revenue including ancillary costs and the current VAT. We do not charge an annual fee for advertising, instead you only pay when you receive a booking.

What is the service fee?

The service charge (approx. 14 - 16 %) is always added to the rental prices you set. The surcharge is also applied to your additional services, person surcharges, etc. Please note here that this service charge is paid by the guest by booking at an increased amount.

Does the service fee increase the commission I have to pay?

No. Since the surcharge is automatically applied to the prices you set and the guest books at the increased prices when booking, the service charge is paid by the guest.

Calculation example: You set a price per night of 100,00 €, the guest will book at a price per night of 114,00 €. The commission we charge you is always calculated on the so-called "normal price", i.e. 100,00 €.

We always charge you only the agreed commission (10% net).

When and how will I receive my invoice and where can I view it?

If you have an Enquiry Booking contract with us, you will receive an email with your current invoice after authorising the activation of your listing bindingly. Furthermore, you will receive an email containing a link to your current invoice at every contract extension of you listing (after 12 months). You can view all invoices, old and new, in your landlord login area under “Your invoices”. We can also send you an invoice by email or fax, this service does however cost €2.50 excl. VAT for each invoice. You can change to this option in your landlord login area under “Your contract details” by choosing your preferred option in “How would you like to receive your invoices?”.

For properties advertised on our foreign portals (e.g. France, England or Spain) you will usually pay in advance. This means that you decide to pay for either 3, 6 or 12 months at a time and directly after each payment you will receive an email with the invoice. You can always view your invoices in the landlord login area under “Your invoices”.

If you have an Online Booking contract with us, you will directly receive an email with an enclosed invoice after each booking.

When do you settle last minute offers and/or top offers?

If you book a last minute offer, we will invoice you at the beginning of the following month. You will receive the invoice by e-mail. In the online booking, on the other hand, the booking of last minute offers is free of charge for you. If you book a top offer, you will receive the invoice within a few days.

You can always find all invoices for additional services for which a fee is charged in your landlord login under "Your account" -> "Your invoices".

Does Travanto invoice the guest for online bookings?

If the guest books your accommodation directly online, a joint contractual relationship is created between the landlord and the tenant.

Should the guest wish to receive an invoice, this must be issued directly by the landlord, as the rental relationship is between the landlord and the tenant.

What payment methods does Travanto accept?

You can choose between four payment methods when paying your invoice: direct debit, bank transfer, credit card or Paypal. If you would like to use bank transfer a fee of €2.00 is added per invoice. Please remember to enter your IBAN and BIC number due to the new SEPA agreement.

I do not have a German bank account. How can I pay the invoices?

You will always be able to pay by bank transfer, credit card or Paypal.
If your bank allows money transfers in euros, you will also be able to pay by SEPA Direct Debit. If you are a customer on one of our portals located outside the DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) countries and your bank does not allow money transfers in euros, then you will only be able to pay by advance payment (by credit card, PayPal or bank transfer).

My business is located abroad. Do I have to pay VAT twice?

No. Please enter your VAT ID under "Your account" -> "Your contract details" under the heading "Contact details". Thus, the invoices will be issued and settled on our part without VAT.

Do I still have to pay the commission if the guest cancels?

In principle, the commission is charged for each booking. However, if you use the Reichweite+, you will receive the service fee paid by the guest from us after cancellation.

When will I receive the payment forwarding?

A payment forwarding (deposit or total payment minus commission and service fee) is only made for bookings of our partner portals such as, if you use Reichweite+.

For bookings via our partner portals, the deposit is 30%. We will immediately forward the payment to you minus the commissions to be paid. The remaining amount will be paid directly to you up to two weeks before arrival. If the booking is made within 14 days before arrival, the total amount is to be paid immediately by the guest. Immediately after Travanto has received the payment, you will receive the full contact details of the tenant.

Delays may occur if your guest has not yet made the deposit or total payment: Your guest will then receive two payment reminders - of course, we will also contact your guest by phone.

For bookings via Airbnb, however, it is the case that your guest already pays the rental price at the time of booking. However, we receive the payment from Airbnb only 60 days before arrival and can only then arrange the forwarding to you.

For bookings on Travanto (including all regional Travanto portals such as Sylt-Travel), the deposit is equal to the amount of commission and service fee payable to Travanto and may therefore vary. The remaining amount (total amount minus the commission to be paid and the service fee) will be paid directly to you up to two weeks before arrival.

There are 2 commissions mentioned in the invoice. Do I pay twice?

No. You will only be charged the agreed commission (when using online booking Reichweite+ usually 10% net, only online booking on Travanto usually 12% net).

If you use Reichweite+, a service fee (approx. 14 %) is added to all your rental prices, which is paid by the guest by booking at a higher booking price. Of course, we only charge the commission on the price minus the service fee, the so-called commissionable rental price.

You will always find a detailed list in the commission statement for the respective booking, which is stored in your booking overview.

Where can I find my statements for my bookings?

You can always find your statements in your landlord login under "Your booking overview". In the listing of all your bookings you will find the invoices in PDF format on the right in the line per booking.

Can I store several/different bank details?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. For direct debits you can only deposit one bank account.

An exception for two different bank details is the online booking: Here you can deposit an account for direct debits and an account to which we should forward the payment forwardings of paid bookings.

Please note, however, that we only forward payment (guest's deposit or total payment minus commission and service fee) for bookings made through our partner portals such as, if you use Reach+. If your guest books on Travanto, the down payment corresponds to the amount of the commission and service fee to be paid. The remaining amount is paid directly to you by your guest.

How can I change my bank account details?

You can change your account details at any time in your landlord login under "Your account" -> "Your contract details".

Once you have entered the account details, you will receive a change confirmation from us shortly.

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