Payments via Stripe - Onboarding

General information about onboarding

In order for online payments to be made for accommodations that can be booked directly online, a user account is set up for each individual landlord in a fully automated process, which must be verified by Stripe. Stripe distinguishes between two different account types in its "Connect" payment model:

1. "Individual" - All private individuals as well as companies without a commercial register entry such as sole proprietorships.
2. companies - all companies / business forms with a commercial register entry.

In order to be able to create the accounts, Travanto transmits the data to Stripe in a secured and encrypted form. The collection of the data is explained in more detail below.

How is the required data collected?

Travanto already has its own KYC (Know your customer) process, where various information is requested during registration. The following data is required for a Stripe user account:

Required data.

1. individual accounts
- First and last name
- Address
- Phone number and email address
- Date of Birth
- Bank account for credits (reference account)
- Copy of identity card under certain circumstances

2. company accounts
- Company information such as company name and address
- Telephone number and e-mail address
- Company bank account (reference account)
- Copy of the extract from the commercial register
- Details of the company representative (managing director/authorized signatory or similar) such as first name, last name, - address, e-mail address, date of birth,
- Under certain circumstances, a copy of the identity card

In certain cases, Stripe may require a copy of the identity card of the landlord or the managing director/authorized signatory as legitimation of the user account. The copy will only be sent to Stripe in special cases, in principle the ID card is not part of the verification process.

For a successful verification it is also necessary that the landlord/rental agency reads the Stripe Connected Account Agreements as well as the Stripe Services Agreement and gives his/her consent. This is done during the user's registration with Travanto.

Economic beneficiary
In certain cases, the private users registered with Travanto are not the beneficial owners who receive the rental income from the rental. In this case, it is necessary for the person registered with Travanto to provide the beneficial owner and the related required data. The user account at Stripe is then created with the data of the beneficial owner(s).

Data Security.
The storage and transmission of the data provided takes place in accordance with DSGVO/GDPR.

How will my user account be activated?

Once all the landlord's data is complete and successfully verified, Travanto will switch the user account to Stripe so that all incoming payments from that point on will be processed via Stripe.

If a user account is not successfully verified, Travanto will analyze the reasons and contact the landlord for clarification.

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