The landlord login

I have forgotten my password. What can I do now?

If you forget your password you can always receive a new one. Click on “Log in” on and you will be led to the usual login site. Here you can click on “Forgotten password?” and enter your email address. Shortly after, you will receive an email with a new password. If you wish to change this new password, you can at all times change it in your landlord login area under “Your account”.

How can I change my password?

In your landlord login you will see different tabs at the top of the page. Hover your mouse cursor over "Your account" and click on "Your login details". First, enter your current password. Then you can enter your new password.

Make sure to use a strong password that consists of letters, numbers, and upper and lower case letters. After a successful change you will receive an e-mail in which you have to confirm the password change.

Attention: This link is only valid for one hour. If you do not confirm the change within this hour, the password change will not be saved and you will have to log in with your old password.

How do I receive a „refer-a-customer“ discount?

The landlord, advertising on or on any other Travanto web portal, as well as the new customer will receive a “refer-a-customer” prize. The new landlord must indicate the name and the customer number of the landlord, which have made the referral, on the contract.
The price will be disbursed on condition that both the referred as well as the referee are paying customers with us after six months.

Enquiry booking customers will receive a €50 discount on the next payment if they recommend a customer who joins using the Direct Enquiry or Online Booking booking system.
Online booking customers will not have to pay us commission of the first booking within the following six months.

You can find more information about “refer-a-customer” in your landlord login area under the tab “Become a partner”.

I cannot login even though I am using the correct email and password. What should I do?

Please check if you have correctly entered your email and password and there is no typing error or blank spaces. If you have automatically saved your password on your computer, please try and enter it manually. Moreover, you can try to delete your caches (automatically saved data) in your Internet browser. To delete the caches please press Ctrl+Shift+Del all at once. A new window will open where you can set a mark by caches and then click “delete now”. Should it still not work, then please contact us by email ( or by telephone (+44 (0)33 333 61 029). We will then check that your email is entered correctly in our system or send you a new password.

The property belongs to me; I do however have an administrator who is taking care of the rentals. How can I enter the administrator’s contact information in the listing?

To enter an administrator go to your landlord login area and click on “Edit property”. You can for each individual property change the contact information in “Contact data”. Please remember to save the changes.

What are the advantages of a social login?

Use your Facebook or Google+ account as login to your account on
This will make the login easier, since you will be able to automatically login to your account when being logged in to your Facebook or Google+ account at the same time. Simply click on the Facebook or Google+ icon instead of entering your email address or password.

What is a landlord profile and what are the benefits?

You will be able to present yourself and your listings even better on by creating a landlord profile. Tenants will be able to view all your properties at once, your Last Minute offers, guest reviews and contact information. Additionally, you will be able to write a short introduction text and upload a photo of you as well as a logo (if existent). This creates confidence in the tenant.

You will find the “Edit landlord profile” in your landlord login area under the tab “Services”. Here you can upload a photo and a logo as well as write a welcome text. You can preview the landlord profile by clicking on “Preview of your Landlord Profile”. If satisfied, then mark the field “Activate Landlord Profile”.

You can also activate your landlord profile without a photo, logo or a text, and your “personal information” will not be shown.

You can always edit, activate or deactivate the landlord profile.

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