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Camping Grounds

Camping Grounds in Sylt

You can enjoy your camping holiday properly in Sylt in dreamy locations surrounded by nature. Sylt’s camping grounds can accommodate the needs of every traveller.

Morsum Camping Grounds
Camping at Sylt’s Mühlenhof
Melnstich 7
25980 Morsum
Tel: 04651-890444

Südhörn Camping Grounds
Situated in the centre of the island – between tidelands and sandy beaches
25980 Tinnum
Tel.: 04651-3607

Westerland Camping Grounds
These camping grounds are nestled into the sand dunes but are still located near Westerland’s hustle and bustle
Rantumer Straße
25980 Westerland
Tel.: 04651-836160

Kampen Camping Grounds
Perfect for families, friends or couples, these camping grounds are open from Easter until the 15th of October
Kurhausstraße 38
25980 Kampen
Tel.: 04651-42086

Wenningstedt Camping Grounds
Here you will find 232 sites for campervans and mobile homes and 44 tent sites
25996 Wenningstedt-Braderup
Tel.: 04651-994499

Hörnum Camping Grounds
Hörnum’s camping grounds are located directly behind the beach sand dunes
Rantumer Straße 31
25997 Hörnum
Tel.: 04651-8358431

Rantum Camping Grounds
Situated near the Rantum Basin, here you can even rent a mobile home
Hörnumer Straße 3
25980 Rantum
Tel.: 04651-8892008


Campervan Holidays in Sylt

Camping isn’t just for nature lovers and adventurers. With a campervan you can overnight comfortably but still profit from the individuality and mobility of a camping holiday. Here you will find more information about mobile holidays in Sylt.

Campervan Lets CAMPING-SYLT
Rent stationary, fully furnished holiday campervans in Sylt
Hörnumer Straße 3
25980 Rantum
Tel.: 04651-8891822‎

Rental Campervans
Rental campervans, the affordable alternative starting from 26 Euros
Hörnumer Straße 3
25980 Rantum
Tel.: 04651-25707