Places of Interest on Sylt

Discover the many sides of this fascinating region and visit Sylt’s tourist attractions. Whether you are here for a short or a long stay, the attractions listed here make any trip worth the while. Visit our Photos of Sylt section for even more inspiration.
Red Cliff

The Red Cliff

The Red Cliff is one of the most fascinating bluffs on the North Sea Coast. The impressive cliff came into existence 120,000 years ago during the Saalian...   more about The Red Cliff
Shifting sand dune© Kerry Kelly / Wikimedia Commons [gemeinfrei]

The Shifting Dunes

For a long time, Sylt’s landscape was shaped by shifting dunes. Shifting dunes are drifting sands that continuously migrate due to constant wind. Up until...   more about The Shifting Dunes
Tinnumburg© Wilhelmy / Wikimedia Commons

Tinnum Castle

Tinnumburg - Tinnum Castle - is a circular rampart in the ...   more about Tinnum Castle

Town Hall and Casino in Westerland

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