Kliffweg (Cliff Walk)

Cliff Path© Fritz Geller-Grimm / Wikimedia Commons [CC BY-SA 2.5]

Kliffweg (Cliff Walk)

“The green oblivion” – this is how Max Frisch described the idyllic, ca. 7km long trail connecting Keitum and Kampen. It is one of the most beautiful walks on the island that appears particularly idyllic when only a few people are about.
The description “the green oblivion” already indicates that this trail is located in the midst of verdant surroundings. The trail was fostered by the Sylt teacher and chronicler, Christian Peter Hansen, C.P. for short. He is considered to be Sylt’s most important chronicler, who set down many of the regional customs and reintroduced the popular custom of Biike Burning to Sylt. It was also he who promoted the planting of trees in Keitum and in doing so created a green oasis. It is all rounded off by the enchanting atmosphere of the island’s former principal town: alongside its magnificent greenery, Keitum is home to very well preserved Frisian houses from the 17th and 18th centuries as well as paths that wind through Keitum’s historic quarter, making a hike along the Kliffweg a unique experience.  

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