Braderuper Heath

Braderup Heath© -jkb- / Wikimedia Commons [CC BY-SA 3.0]

Braderuper Heath

The Braderuper Heath is an almost 140 hectare area between Kampen and Braderup. Heath landscapes have become a rarity in Schleswig-Holstein, but Sylt is the exception: here you will find almost half of Schleswig-Holstein’s heath landscapes. This habitat offers unique living conditions for a myriad of animal and plant species that live well in extreme conditions such as aridity and wind. For this reason, heath landscapes are protected conservation areas.
Three main types of heather grow in Sylt. Crowberries bloom here from April to May, bog heather from July onwards and in the late summer Scotch heather. Alongside many endangered animal species, some of the plants here are also on the red list of endangered species.
Regular maintenance is required in order to conserve the heath and prevent lignifications and ageing, which is why various measures have been taken regularly since 1989, for example, the ablation of the top humus layer to enable the heather to grow back again out of the mor, and the pasturing of heathland sheep.
You can enjoy the scenery in this beautiful heath landscape on a walk. The view over the heather blooms to the sea is a unique one that you shouldn’t miss out on whilst on holiday in Sylt.  

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