St. Thomas Church

St. Thomas Church (Hörnum)© Uwe Barghaan / Wikimedia Commons [CC BY 3.0]

St. Thomas Church

St. Thomas Church in Hörnumis the most recent protected church in Schleswig-Holstein. It was designed by the Niebüller architect Martin Christiansen and built on a sand dune between 1969 and 1970. There was previously a barracks church on this site which was used temporarily until a proper church could be built. Today it serves as the office of the “Wadden Sea Conservation Station” association.
The design of this Evangelical-Lutheran church is very striking: it is in the shape of a sailboat, which is emphasised by the colour of its exterior. The presbytery’s spire just into the air and is reminiscent of a large sail. This is also where the bell is housed. The shape of the entire building is of particular note: instead of a typical, right-angled structure, triangles and squares with sloping windows have been erected here.
The church’s interior is furnished rather simply. The ceiling is made of wood, just like the cross hanging above the altar. In spite of this, a special charm pervades due to the church’s special architecture. It is sustained by the colourful windows that vividly portray the Passion of the Christ.

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