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Hörnum is the most southern township on the island of Sylt and has around 1000 residents. The village has a unique location at the southern-most tip of the island, with beaches for miles on its western side as well as tidelands and dune landscapes. The centre point of this family friendly village is its harbour, from which excursion ships depart for Föhr, Amrum and the Halligen islands.      

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Hörnum Tourism

Originally, Hörnum’s only industries were fishing and whale hunting, although tourism has now become its main source of revenue. Wadden Sea tours to Rantum or informative events about the tidelands and the salt marshes are popular and raise tourists’ awareness of the need to protect this unique landscape.

One attraction of this kind is the Hörnum Harbour, where Willi the grey seal has been appearing for years. Because he is so extraordinarily trusting, he enjoys great popularity, especially amongst tourists.

Tourists can enjoy wonderful views during a circuit hike around the Hörnum Odde, the southern-most tip of the island of Sylt. From here tourists can enjoy brilliant views over the neighbouring islands of Föhr and Amrum.

One of Hörnum’s special features is the fact that the southern-most tip of the island has two different beaches: the Oststrand (the eastern beach) is the more family friendly of the two, with one side facing the open sea, whereas at the Weststrand (western beach) you can enjoy the breakers and unobstructed views of the North Sea.

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