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Keitum - Holiday Apartments and Information about Keitum

Keitum, once the island’s main township, is one of the most beautiful villages in North Friesland. This town, with around 700 residents, will win you over with its winding paths bordering on the most magnificent, most beautiful holiday homes on the island. The grandeur of these 18th century houses is borne of the prosperity of seafarers of yore. Keitum, with its numerous shops and tea houses is best discovered on foot or by carriage.    

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Keitum Tourism

Keitum is the secret jewel of the island. Staying here means enjoyment with all of your senses. You should get around on foot in Keitum so that you can let the ornate thatched roofs, the romantic farmers’ gardens and the ancient Frisian walls of the captains’ houses really sink in.

Taking a stroll through Keitum also means rummaging around in exclusive boutiques and antique shops, exploring ateliers and galleries and taking breaks to enjoy homemade plum cake or Pharisäer (a type of coffee similar to Irish coffee) in one of the cosy cafés or tea houses. On a clear day you can see to Denmark. And there is a lot of sunshine on this beautiful North Sea island.

In the evening you should reserve a table in one of the well-known restaurants and end your day with a bit of culinary indulgence. Keitum is often described as a romantic Frisian village and definitely lives up to its name.

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