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Westerland - Holiday Apartments and Information about Westerland

Westerland, (Frisian: Wäästerlön or Weesterlön) is Germany's most northerly town and is located on the North Sea island of Sylt. Around 9200 people live in Westerland, which constitutes one of the largest self-contained holiday and resort areas in Germany with about 25,100 guest beds (in total Sylt has about 47,000 guest beds).

After Hörnum, Westerland is Sylt's youngest settlement. It came into being after the All Saint’s Day floods of 1436, where the town of Eidum was completely destroyed. The survivors back then founded a new settlement on the heather flats. They called it “Wester-Land” because it was built on the land to the west of the village. This area is present-day “Old Westerland”.

In 1778, Westerland was made up of only 124 houses and was so poor that none of the landowners could live off their land because the marsh land had either been washed away by the sea or buried by the dunes. The township became a seaside resort in 1885 and within a short period of time was considered to be the most advanced resorts around, as men and women were allowed to bathe in the sea together. After the resort was founded, Westerland became the forerunner in tourism on the island. In 1949 Westerland was finally accredited with the status of a seaside spa resort.

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Tourism in Westerland

There is a heavy focus on tourism in Westerland. Whether holiday apartment, holiday house, guesthouse or hotel – there is accommodation here for every kind of holiday-maker. This town is Sylt's centre and provides for residents and guests all over the island. Like on every North Frisian island, driving on Westerland’s well-constructed road network is permitted. However, Westerland can also be accessed by car train from Niebüll. This stretch of railway. known as the “Marsh Rail”, links the stations of Elmshorn in the south and Westerland in the north, and takes passengers over the 11.3km long Hindenburgdamm through the Wadden Sea.

Thanks to Westerland’s central location, the Sylt Transport Society’s busses travel south towards Hörnum and north towards List. There are two town busses in Westerland: one travels through the north of the town to the North Sea Clinic, and the other through the south of the town. In addition to this, Westerland can also be reached via regular and charter planes that fly into Sylt airport, located 3km to the east of Westerland’s centre.

There is a wide, diverse range of leisure activities in Westerland. Whether indoors or outside, relaxed or active, this town has the perfect activity for every season. Enjoy for example Sylt’s picturesque natural landscape, the miles of dream-like beaches and the town’s healthy climate. Those who like a bit more activity can let loose in the Syltness Center gym, flooded with light. Its multifaceted fitness and relaxation programme has the right activity for every taste. The Sylter Welle (Sylt Wave) is the perfect place for water rats, offering sophisticated water fun: action in the wave pools or on the three water slides, and pure relaxation in whirlpools or massage pools. On the sun deck next to the outdoor area you can unwind whilst enjoying unobstructed views of the beach and the ocean. The pool complex also has its own sauna world, a gym and a bistro.

Of course, Westerland is also ideal for exploring by bike. Take in nature on solitary paths and through idyllic villages. Rent out a bicycle at one of the many bike rental outlets and get to know the island metropolis from its most beautiful side. You can explore Sylt fully with a holiday apartment in town.

A special experience for young and old is the Sylt Aquarium in Wetserland. Here you can marvel at more than 5000 native and tropical ocean inhabitants in a fascinating underwater world. There are also innumerable restaurants in Westerland, a vibrant nightlife and a unique life style. For those who would like to experience Westerland from above, a sightseeing flight around the island is perfect. Here you can enjoy the unique beauty of the island of Sylt from a bird’s eye view. Book your holiday apartment in Westerland now and experience everything this popular holiday destination has to offer in your own time. Whether water sports, bike tours, fitness courses, wellness, sightseeing flights – here there’s something for everyone!

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