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The municipality of Wenningstedt-Braderup (Danish: Venningsted-Brarup, Fresian: Woningstair-Brääderep) is located in district of North Frisia and stretches from the east to west coast of the island of Sylt. This township, situated to the north of the town of Westerland, is a popular holiday destination for well-off holiday makers.        

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Because of its significantly large population and number of guest beds, Wenningstedt constitutes the centre of the municipality, with government offices, resort authorities and retail. In contrast, the district of Braderup does not have any real centre and was a simple farming community with a few courtyards until the middle of the 19th century. There are no large hotels or tourist facilities here.

Braderup has around 120 residents and 180 second home owners. This location is considered to be one of the most elegant addresses in Sylt. This village is characterised by well-kept thatched roofs near the tidelands, nested in a quiet meadow and heather landscape. It is thus ideal for holiday makers who like to hike, bike or just enjoy nature.


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