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The village of Rantum is situated on the narrowest part of the island, where the tidelands and the open North Sea are separated by a mere 600m. Rantum is a small township with about 500 residents. However, Rantum also has its tourist attractions and true Rantum regulars come here every year.         

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Rantum Tourism

Both guests and the 500 locals profit from dreamlike natural surroundings. Rantum is extremely peaceful, and if you want to go shopping or enjoy the nightlife, you just have to travel to neighbouring Westerland.

Rantum’s biggest attraction is the “Rantum Becken” (Rantum Basin). This bird conservation area is one of the most species-rich in Northern Germany and is a special highlight for nature lovers and bird fans and borders on the Tinnum Meadow in the south. Here you can observe more than 50 bird species breeding and roosting. The Jordsand Society oversees the area and regularly offers ornithological tours around this area. You can take wonderful walks and cycling tours around the 5km long outer dyke which encloses the Rantum Becken. It is also worth while taking a walk around the tidelands!

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