The double district of Wenningstedt-Braderup (Danish: Venningsted-Brarup) is located to the north of Westerland and to the south of Kampen. This district stretches from Wenningstedt to Sylt’s west coast to the township of Braderup located in the east at the Wadden Sea. Because of its significantly higher number of residents and guest beds, Wenningstedt constitutes the centre of the district.

With around a million overnight stays annually, Wenningstedt is the fifth largest holiday destination in Schleswig-Holstein. In Wenningstedt there are around 4000 holiday apartments available. Particularly interesting are old records of this holiday destination that state that Wenningstedt arose out of the former township of “Wendingsstedt”. “Wendingsstedt” is supposed to have been located about 100m from the present coast and to have had an old Frisian harbour facing the west coast. According to legend, Angle chieftains set out for England from this harbour with their lord. Today the street Horsatal is reminiscent of this event.

Before the onset of tourism, people in Wenningstedt lived from agriculture and fishing. Some of them regularly sailed out to hunt whales on the North Sea or joined the ships of Hamburg companies to catch herring. When the tourist industry was launched in the middle of the 19th century, the municipality began to grow. Wenningstedt has been a seaside resort since 1859 and a North Sea spa town since 1960. Today this holiday destination is especially popular with families which has led to its designation as a “family resort.”

Wenningstedt lives up to its reputation as a spa town. The healthy North Sea climate strengthens your immune system and boosts your health. Tourism in Wenningstedt also profits from both of its two 18-hole golf courses located in the direct vicinity.

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Wenningstedt Tourism

The conservation area Braderuper Heath is one of Wenningstedt’s natural attractions. The unspoilt heather landscape borders directly on the Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea National Park, which is a popular destination for long tideland walks.

Another one of Wenningstedt’s tourist attractions is the “Denghoog”, a Neolithic burial chamber built more than 5000 years ago. The megalithic tomb which is accessible to visitors is made up of twelve stone blocks which support a roof made of three stone slabs. It was opened up in 1868 and has been open to visitors since 1928.

The village pond in the centre of Wenningstedt is also worth a visit! This pond was given to the community in the 1950s by the owner’s family to be opened to the public and to be used as a spa facility. Today the pond is an oasis in the middle of the township. The surrounding buildings have been provided with thatched roofs in order to maintain the pond’s rustic charm.

Wenningstedt is located on the edge of the dune landscape surrounding the Red Cliff. One of the main tourist attractions is the long sandy beach underneath the cliff which surrounds the township. Even young guests have the time of their lives in Wenningstedt.

Active Holidays in Wenningstedt

Sports enthusiasts holidaying in Wenningstedt can take advantage of a diverse and interesting range of sporting activities. Get hold of a map of the Wenningstedt-Braderup route and hike along fascinating paths past idyllic dune landscapes.

Don’t forget the numerous activities that can be enjoyed in Wenningstedt and in the water, for example beach volleyball, beach soccer and windsurfing. After sunset, you can bring the evening to an end at one of the popular tent parties. Tennis fans don’t have to renounce their favourite sport either: located between Kampen and Wenningstedt, the Norddörferhalle (a sports hall) has four all-weather courts that can be played on from April to October.

It is not without reason that Wenningstedt is one of the most popular holiday locations in Sylt! This township will captivate you with its wide, diverse and colourful range of holiday activities and is especially popular with families!       

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