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Kampen Tourism

There are many tourist attractions in the vicinity of Kampen, the most notable of which is probably the Vogelkoje, located 3km to the north. This is a 18th century duck decoy / hunting trap became a conservation area in 1935 and was reconstructed in the 1980s. These days visitor’s can walk through an interesting exhibition about Sylt’s bird life.

One of Sylt’s most famous attractions, the “Rote Kliff” (Red Cliff) lies 3km to the north of Kampen and seems to glow red at sundown. A natural attraction, it is now endangered by erosion and storm tides. Another natural attraction is the Uwe Dune to the south-west of Kampen, which is at the same time the highest point of the island at 52.5m.

In addition to this, Kampen is home to many artists and their ateliers, e.g. the action space of Siegward Sprotte which can also be viewed in the summer months. In the middle of the village is Avenarius Park, built in 1965, and you cannot miss the lighthouse, Kampen’s prominent landmark, which is 150 years old and 40m high.   

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