The Shifting Dunes

Shifting sand dune© Kerry Kelly / Wikimedia Commons [gemeinfrei]

The Shifting Dunes

For a long time, Sylt’s landscape was shaped by shifting dunes. Shifting dunes are drifting sands that continuously migrate due to constant wind. Up until the end of the 19th century there were shifting sand dunes both in the north and the south of Sylt. In previous centuries it was List and Rantum in particular that suffered under the mountains of sand, which buried arable and grazing land, as well as houses. Most of the dunes have now been planted so that they cannot move. An exception is Listland, where you will find Germany’s only and last shifting dune. Due to constant westerly winds, the uncultivated dunes are blown further and further into the east. Thus, the entire area between List and the Weststrand is protected and nobody is allowed to set foot on it. The few trails set up here are the only exception and lead you directly through the middle of the area. Some of the dunes here have also been planted; however, the largest dune still moves up to seven metres a year. Nobody should miss the opportunity to take a walk through this unique conservation area. 

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