Sylt Aquarium© Bautsch / Wikimedia Commons [Public domain]

Sylt Aquarium

Sylt Aquarium in Westerland offers a diverse programme for young and old and is a perfect destination on a rainy day. Discover the aquatic realm of both native and tropical oceans and seas, as well as the differences and similarities between these habitats. More than 2000 ocean inhabitants await you in 25 tanks filled with seawater.

“Coral World”, with around 500,000 litres of seawater, is the largest tank in Sylt Aquarium. Exotic fish in dazzling colours cavort around and portray life in a coral reef. The second largest tank shows you the underwater world of the German offshore island, Helgoland. Discover the fish and plants of the North Sea in 170,000 litres of water. Both tanks can be walked through via a 10 metre acrylic tunnel, where you will find yourself in the middle of world of undersea creatures.

On information panels on the tanks you can go into the exciting details of these inhabitants. Numerous information terminals reveal the specifics of the different habitats and their creatures. If you would like to find out more, you are welcome to take part in a feeding or take a guided tour through Sylt Aquarium.

A bistro, “Kombüse”, and a shop, where you can buy souvenirs like stuffed toys or model ships, invite you to relax and shop.

Sylt Aquarium is opened daily between 10am and 6pm.  

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