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Child Care



There comes a time during every family holiday when parents just want to enjoy the sun set or go to a bar or restaurant by themselves – in Sylt, this is not a problem. Sylt’s tourist service will find you a qualified babysitter so that you can also have some quality time alone on your holiday.

Villa Kunterbunt
Tel.: 04651-998275

Confetti Kids’ Club
Tel.: 04651-85 04 44

Tel.: 04651-3370

Tel.: 04651-46980

Child Care© Immanuel Giel / Wikimedia Commons [Public domain]

Parent-Free Zones – Kids‘ Clubs

Sometimes kids need to take a break from their parents too. In “Kinderclubs” – kids’ clubs – children will find a range of colourful activities that they can take part in with like-minded souls and maybe also learn a thing or two. They can also just take a break and do the things that little ones like to do.

Villa Kunterbunt
Obere Promenade
25980 Westerland
Tel.: 04651-998275

Kampino Kinderclub
Hauptstr. 12
25999 Kampen
Tel.: 04651-46980

Confetti Kinderclub
Wohlfühlen und altersgerecht Beschäftigtigung zwischen 1 – 16 Jahren
Gaadt 31
25980 Westerland
Tel.: 04651-850444