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Exploring Sylt's Coastal Habitats

Wadden Sea Conservation Station - Hörnum

At the Wadden Sea Conservation Station there is an interesting world to be discovered and a lot to find out, for both young and old. Tideland hiding tours, lectures and guided tours are a great way to experience Sylt’s nature. You will be amazed at the station’s many aquariums, and kids can learn more about marine mammals, Sylt’s coastal and tideland conservation projects and the national park. The tidal workshop (Wattwerkstatt) is open every Friday from April through to October, from 3 to 6 pm.

Schutzstation Wattenmeer
Explore the tidelands
Am Torbogen 7
25980 Rantum
Tel.: 04651-881093


Nature Conservation Association e.V.© M.Buschmann / Wikimedia Commons [gemeinfrei]

Braderup Nature Centre

The nature centre in Braderup also advocates for nature conservation and puts on both exhibitions and guided tours through the tidelands and Braderup Heath. Young visitors can also find out more about maritime flora and fauna during child-friendly events.

Naturschutzgemeinschaft Sylt e.V.
Guided tours and exhibitions
M.-T. Buchholz-Stich 10a
25996 Braderup
Tel.: 04651-44421


Wattwerkstatt Rantum© M.Buschmann / Wikimedia Commons [public domain]

Wattwerkstatt Rantum

This educational centre in Rantum that caters especially to the needs of children and young adults has many events on offer, during which visitors can find out more about the tidelands and their inhabitants.

Wattwerkstatt Rantum
Experience the tideland ecosystem
Hörnumer Str. 83
25980 Rantum
Tel.: 04651-8892086