Presents and Souvenirs

Most people like to take a nice present or souvenir back with them from their holiday. Sylt has a number of great shops selling accessories and souvenirs.

Online Shopping

On the internet you will find innumerable shops, which sell a wide range of products that have to do with the island of Sylt. Buy here before your Sylt holiday and enjoy that holiday feeling in the comfort of your own home.


In Sylt you will find delicatessens, health food shops and supermarkets just like those on the mainland. Find out about the various grocery amenities here on the island.


In Sylt you will find both established brands and real designer wear. Browse here first to find out where to go during your holiday!

Books and Office Supplies

If you have finished your book earlier than you thought or just like to browse in bookshops and office supply stores, here we have compiled a number of great retail outlets for you.

Sylt Shopping

A holiday to the island can be effortlessly combined with a shopping tour if the weather isn't playing along or you just don't feel like lying on the beach in the sun any more. In the island's towns there are a wide range of opportunities available to find a bargain or buy a souvenir, gourmet speciality product or another memory of your island holiday. In order to ensure that your shopping trip is a special experience and to save you the hassle of looking around, here we have compiled a list of the best shopping tips in five key categories.

If you have any other Sylt shopping tips, send us your suggestion by email to

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