Review Guidelines


  • The tenant who rated the property must be able prove that they resided at the property. Each tenant that has stayed at the property has the right to leave a review.
  • When submitting the review, the tenant must provide the required details (eg. name, e-mail, period of travel).
  • Only one review may be made per booking.
  • At the time of writing the review, the tenant must be at least 18 years of age.
  • The review should not be made after 12 months have surpassed since residing at the property.
  • Changes in the review are possible, but only made after consultation with the employees of Please contact us.
  • Landlords may not write reviews for their own accommodation.
  • Reviews are only released after being authenticated by the employees of The employees of are entitled to correct the reviews and content in a way in which they see fit.


  • Reviews must be truthful. The burden of proof for the correctness and authenticity of the review lies with the author/tenant. Evidence must be provided in the form of meaningful photos or videos.
  • The assessment of the property should be factual and accurate. Content that is not associated with the property should not be part of the criteria evaluated
  • Excessive and unfactual criticism is not permitted in the reviews. In addition, reviews with offensive language and/or obscene content are prohibited.
  • Advertisement is not permitted in the ratings, nor is contact between the landlord and the tenant in reference to the review.
  • Reviews and their contents may not violate third party rights or applicable laws (in particular copyrights, trademarks, or unfair competition law)
  • The content of the review must meet all the required assessment points.

Additional Information

  • The author of the review is liable for any potential conflicting claims made by the landlord. In addition, the author bears the responsibility that the allegations are true. Evidence must be provided in the form of meaningful photos or videos.
  • In a case of dispute the corrosponding review will be removed, subject to a party's claim.
  • In the event that a review has been posted that does not comply with the review guidelines, please contact us. We will then check the review and remove it if we deem it necessary.
  • Not all tenants are entitled to submit a review, in this case some tenants will be excluded from the participation of our evaluation system.
  • More information can be found in our Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy.

Property Reviews

In a property review, you may leave your feedback on the property in which you resided in. This is a very important process, because it serves as advice to other prospective tenants and helps them choose the right property.

Not only will the confidence of the prospective tenant be increased, but it will give the property owner an idea of how they can further improve the service that they offer. It is important to follow the review guidelines and only make truthful statements. Therefore, please read the guidelines carefully before submitting your review.

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