The Wadden Sea

The Wadden Sea

There is more life hidden in the estuaries of the Wadden Sea than you would guess. Spread out over a surface of 4500km2 (about 630 football fields), a myriad of creatures have adapted to the tides, including mussels, rock worms, prawns, plants, birds and seals. This wilderness changes every 6 hours, which means that there is always something new to discover. It is not without cause that this natural habitat has been listed as an official UNESCO world heritage site since 2009.

Go on a fascinating daytrip by ship or on foot and experience nature from a different perspective!

Adler Schiffe
Seals and sea lions at the Wadden Sea world heritage site
Boysenstraße 13
25980 Westerland
Tel.: 01805-123344

Schutzstation Wattenmeer
Wattwanderungen, Voträge, Führungen und Naturerlebnis
Rantumerstr. 27
25997 Hörnum
Tel.: 04651-881093



This causeway connects the German mainland with Sylt, making it the most frequented passage to the island. The journey takes about 35 minutes and is also travelled by car shuttle trains. You will find an overview of timetables and prices here:

Sylt Shuttle
A pleasant journey
25980 Westerland
Tel.: 04651-934567


Red Cliff

The Red Cliff

This ice-age cliff is located between Wenningstedt and Kampen. Today it is endangered by floods and erosion. The conservation stations surrounded the Wadden Sea therefore try to protect the nature and appearance of the fascinating cliff. For this reason you can take part in guided tours, which aim to bring in donations and teach people about nature conservation.
You will find more information about endangered habitats and guided tours around the Red Cliff in Sylt here:
Geological tours around the Red Cliff
Beach access Berthin-Bleeg-Straße
(at the phone booth)
25996 Wenningstedt



The Vogelkoje was once a duck shooting facility and is today a bird conservation area. In the middle of this jungle-like attraction you will still find the original thatched-roof house. The Vogelkoje is now a popular day-trip destination, which also has to do with the famous restaurant, Vogelkoje, where you can enjoy fine dining whilst watching the comings and goings of the maritime bird world.

A small paradise for day-trippers and gourmets
Lister Straße 100
25999 Kampen
Tel.: 04651-95250


Cliff Morsum© Holger Weinandt / Wikimedia Commons

Morsum Cliff

A conservation area that could not be more beautiful. A wiude range of different plants and water birds live in the bizarre biotope of the Morsum Cliff and have adapted perfectly to the conditions here.

Nature Conservation Community Sylt e.V.
Nature tours around the Morsum Cliff
M.-T. Buchholz-Stich 10a
25996 Wenningstedt
Tel.: 04651-44421


Erlebniszentrum Naturgewalten© Erlebniszentrum Naturgewalten

Forces of Nature Experience Centre

At the Forces of Nature Experience Centre in Sylt, an exhibition awaits you that uses playful educational means to teach visitors about various topics, including “Forces of the North Sea”, “Living with Forces of Nature” and “Climate, Weather, Climate Research”. We will show you how forces of nature have shaped and will continue to shape Sylt. Unique film clips, interactive exhibits and a large playground as well as a shop and restaurant will make this museum an unforgettable experience for the whole family. Alongside the exhibition we also provide guided tours as well as a diverse lecture programme, which means that it is worthwhile taking a look at the event calendar.

Erlebniszentrum Naturgewalten Sylt
Hafenstraße 37
25992 List
Tel.: 04651-836190


Rantum Basin© C. Grave / Verein Jordsand

Rantum Basin

The Rantum Basin once belonged tot he Wadden Sea, until a water aerodrome was built here in 1938. After a varied history, the Rantum Basin became a natural conservation area in 1962 and has been a European Reservation since 1968. The basin provides birds with tens of thousands of feeding and brooding areas. In Autumn and Spring, giant flocks of dunlins, red knots and other coastal boards populate the nearshore sand areas and island. Over 30 different species of sea and water birds brood in the salt marshes and accretion zones or hidden in the reeds. Near the Rantum dam, which separates the area from the Wadden Sea, are a number of artificial islands where you will find sea swallows and avocets. Fresh salt water floods into the basin every day by way of a dyke.To the north of the basin behind a low embankment is a fresh water area with meadows, reeds and ponds. This diversity of biotopes and habitats is also the reason why there is such a wide range of different bird species.
The NSG Rantum Basin is administered by the Jordsand Association, which counts the number of breeding and non-migratory birds and inspects and maintains the basin. There are also regular guided tours through the area, on which we will tell you all about the long history of the area and provide you with insights into this impressive bird world. Birds can be observed from the Rantum embankment in an almost completely natural habitat. Every season has its own charm – from breeding season to migration season, where thousands of birds can be observed in their giant flocks at high tide!

The Jordsand Association for the Protection of Seabirds and Nature e.V.
Tel.: 04102-32 656

Hörnum Odde

The dune and heather landscapes here, which area also an important animal habitat, are endangered by their proximity to the tidal currents and stortm floods. Every Monday between April and October there are two-hour guided tours around the 2 kilometre long Odde, on which you can find out more about coastal erosion, climate change etc.

Geo Tours Sylt
Geological hikes around the Hörnum Odde
Rantumer Str. 20
25997 Hörnum
Tel.: 04651-96260 or 04651-835531


Shifting sand dune© Kerry Kelly / Wikimedia Commons [gemeinfrei]

The Shifting Sand Dunes

The Shifting Sands Dunes of Sylt are an unforgettable, surreal sight in the north of the island near List. This area, known as the Listland, is today a conservation area, protecting the shifting sand dunes from human interference.

Wadden Sea Conservation Station
Dune and salt marsh tours
Rantumerstr. 27
25997 Hörnum
Tel.: 04651-881093

Braderup Heath

Take part in a tour around the Frisian village of Braderup and explore the tidal flats, fauna and flora of Braderup Heath afterwards. Here you will find out everything you need to know about the heath as a habitat and its historical background.

Nature Centre Braderup
Nature tours through the Braderup Heath
M.-T.-Buchholz-Stieg 3
25996 Braderup
Tel.: 04651-44421


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