Art and Culture

Galleries and talented painters and photographers are not just to be found in the world’s metropolises – you will also find extraordinary art and culture on the island of Sylt.

Museums and Aquarium

If the weather outside is not looking particularly inviting, don’t pass up an opportunity to pay a visit to one of Sylt’s interesting museums, such as the Fire Service Museum or Sylt’s Local History Museum, dedicated to all things Sylt. Here you will find out all kinds of facts dealing with the island’s rich history.


You won’t be able to escape the charm of Sylt’s historic Frisian houses. These typical buildings can be seen everywhere and have adapted to the changing circumstances of the island over the years. In Sylt you will also find beautiful churches, the Town Hall and casino, the Musikmuschel and the Cemetery of the Homeless.


Explore the fascinating flora and fauna of the North Sea and marvel at the breathtaking scenery of Sylt’s steep cliffs. The Wadden Sea tidelands cover an area of over 4,500m2 and are just waiting to be explored and investigated. Or you could simply gaze at the island’s shifting sand dunes, that change their appearance from day to day.

Places of Interest on Sylt

There is much to see on the beautiful, fascinating island of Sylt. There are also many typical, North Frisian buildings that you can marvel at and also a number of interesting museums, where you can find out more about the island and its history.

Here we have compiled some information about some of Sylt's most popular tourist attractions so that there is nothing stopping you from enjoying a perfect sightseeing tour, no matter the weather. You will find more information about what to do and see in Sylt in our Sylt highlights section.

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