Payments via Stripe - Basics

What exactly is Stripe?

Stripe is our new partner for the payment processor. Due to the insolvency of Wirecard, it was necessary to connect a new partner.

Stripe is able to map various models of payment flows, including the one from Travanto. This enables us to offer our booking guests various payment options, for example credit card payment, instant bank transfer or Google/ Apple Pay.

What is a merchant account?

For all landlords who use the online booking at Travanto, a user account is created in an automated process at Stripe, to which the incoming payment of the guest is booked. For the creation of the Stripe user account, the information provided by the landlord during Travanto onboarding will be used, taking into account in particular his desired SEPA payment account (the so-called reference account).

What costs will I incur in the process?

The cost of Stripe's technical services is fully covered by Travanto. There are no ongoing costs for the landlords/agencies who want to offer payment option via Stripe for their accommodations.

How does the integration take place? What do I have to do?

The complete integration of Stripe as a payment service provider is free of charge for the landlord. The existing processes in the online booking regarding payment flow remain largely unchanged.

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