Payments via Stripe - payment processes

General information about the payment processes

Payment Targets
When a booking is made online, a 30% deposit is due directly from the Guest, which is processed through Stripe. If Stripe confirms the payment, Travanto will send a payment confirmation to the guest, provide the guest with the landlord's contact details and bank account information, and request the guest to pay the remaining rental price for the vacation property directly to the landlord up to 14 days before the start of the trip. If less than 14 days remain until the scheduled arrival, the total amount is due directly.

Between Travanto and the landlord, who wants to offer his vacation objects with the possibility of an online booking (OB), an intermediary commission (in percent) on the mediated travel price will be fixed. The brokerage commission (then in gross incl. VAT) will be posted by Stripe to a Stripe user account in favor of Travanto upon receipt of the Guest's deposit. The remaining difference is credited to a Stripe user account in favor of the landlord.

Should the booking take place on a third party portal within the scope of the "Reichweite+", the commission accruing for the booking channel will also be retained.

Procedure of a standard booking

Allowing payment
When a booking for accommodation is received, Travanto automatically creates a payment option for the guest. This can be accessed directly after the booking in the booking process or subsequently via a payment link in the booking confirmation.

Payment methods
Travanto can currently offer the following payment methods to the guest through the integration of the payment service provider Stripe:

- Credit card (Visa, Mastercard)
- Sofort (instant bank transfer via Klarna)
- Google Pay / Apple Pay
- Bank transfer

The costs incurred for the technical integration of Stripe will be covered by Travanto. Travanto reserves the right to add or remove payment options.

Incoming Money.
Once the payment has been successfully made by the Guest, Stripe will automatically notify Travanto. Travanto then also sends a payment confirmation to the guest in an automated process. This completes the booking in Travanto's booking system and exchanges contact details between the guest and the landlord.

The credit on the landlord's Stripe user account is paid out by Stripe to the landlord's reference account after seven days. This waiting period is mandatory set by Stripe to be able to control any payment irregularities, misuse, etc. The time limit of seven days cannot be circumvented by Travanto either, so that the commission share of Travanto is also forwarded only after the expiration of the waiting period.

Payouts are always made per booking, no collective payouts are made.

Change of a booking

In certain cases, it may happen that bookings become more or less expensive by extending/shortening/postponing the travel period or also by adding/deselecting certain services. The following is a more detailed explanation of cases where a booking change is made after the guest has already made a deposit.

Changes to a more favorable travel price.
If a booking change reduces the travel price, a decision will be made on a case-by-case basis as to how any refund will be made. This depends on the status of the payment, the origin of the booking as well as whether only the deposit or also already the balance/total payment has been made so far.

If the money has already been paid to the landlord reference account, Travanto will refund the money to the tenant if necessary and make a claim against the landlord.

Change to more expensive travel price.
If a booking becomes more expensive after a change, Travanto will allow the Guest to pay the outstanding amount again via Stripe. Only after the amount has been successfully paid will the booking be closed and the money earmarked for withdrawal. The new travel price then forms the basis for the calculation of the commission as well as the resulting amount of the forwarding.

Cancellation of a booking

In the event of cancellation, the cancellation fees communicated to the Guest prior to booking will apply. Travanto will, if possible, pay all parties the monies as they are due to the parties according to the T&C (available here).

Free Cancellation
In case of a cancellation free of charge for the Guest (e.g. a double occupancy caused by the Landlord), Travanto will refund the amount processed through the Landlord's Stripe account to the Guest. If the amount has already been paid to the landlord, Travanto will create a claim against the landlord for the amount paid.

Cancellation with costs
In the event of a chargeable cancellation by the Guest, Travanto will retain its commission claim from any deposit already paid by the Guest. In case a partner commission for a third party channel under the "Reichweite+" option or a service fee has been credited to Travanto's Stripe user account, Travanto will forward it to the Landlord. Should the Lessor be able to demand additional cancellation fees from the Guest, it is the Lessor's responsibility to claim these fees.

Special cases

In certain cases, it may happen that a different amount than the due travel price for a booking is received on the merchant account of the rental company (e.g. guest has paid too much). In these cases Travanto checks the facts and initiates the correct further processing. This can be done, for example, by adjusting the amount of the deposit or by a partial refund to the guest.


To ensure transparency for landlords regarding payments, the relevant information is displayed in the landlord login at Travanto for each booking.

Payment status
The payment status for each booking can be accessed and viewed by each landlord in the personal landlord area. The payment status is always displayed and updated automatically.

For a booking you can also see when the money is expected to be available, paid out and received on the reference account.

Current account balance and total volume**.
The current account balance and the total volume processed via Stripe so far can also be viewed via the landlord login at Travanto. These values also update themselves automatically and are therefore always up to date.

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